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Trademark & Brand Protection

Protecting a brand is much more than simply filling out a form with the USPTO. 


Contrary to what popular "do-it-yourself" services may advertise, the process of analyzing a trademark, selecting the proper classes and filing a successful trademark application is multi-faceted. 


And the results of an incorrectly registered mark are dire: we're looking at rejection, or even worse, cancellation of your registration after years of developing a brand you thought  was protected.

And then.... what do you do if someone is infringing?

Luckily, our experience in trademark registration, office action response, brand protection, and trademark litigation will keep that beautiful brand of your protected for years to come.

You wouldn't trust a plug-and-play, "one size fits all" robot to design your brand.  Why would you trust one to protect it?


Negotiated withdrawal of infringement claim made by Fortune 500 company

Halted third-party infringement of client's  registered trademark

Utilized Letter of Protest to block third party's registration

Successfully argued 2(f) claim of acquired distinctiveness

Reversed bogus takedown based on overreaching trademark registration

Successfully redrafted and resuscitated failed LegalZoom application